TonyMoly I’m Real Seaweeds Mask Sheet

TonyMoly I'm Real Seaweeds Mask Sheet

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I am obsessed with sheet masks. They’re easy, no mess, and make me feel like Patrick Bateman (which apparently is a good thing?). If I’m being honest though, I think the big appeal is taking creepy photographs of myself and sending them to my friends.

I picked up this TonyMoly sheet mask at my local Urban Outfitters while I was running errands today. I’ve had some issues with hormonal acne lately so I’ve been extra careful with my skin in order to minimize the inevitable.

I find it hilarious that seaweed is now an ingredient used by trusted skincare brands because it’s also one of those foods you are supposed to avoid if you are acne prone. That said, this mask doesn’t really do much in terms of acne fighting. I did find it ultra moisturizing and calming.

so chic

I tried to blingee this but the website wouldn’t let me.

The directions for the mask are super minimal. I threw this baby on afterremoving my makeup (Ponds Cold Cream and Lancome’s eye makeup remover) and dicking around on Photo Booth for half an hour sending horrifying photographs to my loved ones. The sheet itself is soaked in a watery serum that feels kind of gross when it’s just sitting on your face post mask. Before I go to bed I’ll finish up my nightly routine with face wash and lotion. I recommend treating this mask, and similar ones, as a relaxing 20-30 minute treat rather than a real supplement to your skincare routine. A huge part of taking care of yourself is taking the time to do something kind of decadent and relaxing, and this one (affordably) performs that task.


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