Mizon Ultra Wonder Power Jelly Sun SPF 35/PA ++

Mizon Ultra Wonder Power Jelly SunSunscreen is one of my favorite topics because I’m a freak who looks terrible with a tan. I have dedicated a seriously embarrassing amount of time reading about sunscreen/block.

There are so many different types of sunscreen and block to choose from. This is a great breakdown of the differences between physical, chemical, and combination sunscreens. Personally I go for physical or physical combos (products with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide). I like physical sunscreen because it irritates my skin less and is more stable so (in theory) you can apply it less. Most often I can set it underneath my makeup and be protected for the whole day. While it is recommended that you do so with physical sunscreens, chemical sunscreens must be reapplied every two hours. I’m a lazy person who doesn’t want to mess up her makeup. Don’t be me. 

It took me a really long time to find a sunscreen that I liked. I had issues with pilling, irritation, white casts, whatever. It felt like the longest and dumbest version of Goldilocks ever.

Mizon Wonder Power Jelly Sun

mmmmmm green sunscreen

Then I found Mizon’s Ultra Wonder Power Jelly Sun SPF 35 PA++. It is my holy grail sunscreen (don’t worry, I have a problem and will continue to try others all for your benefit). It was my first Korean sunscreen. Korea is known throughout the Internet for their sunscreen but I was super wary of all the hype (NYX is not as amazing as every makeup forum would have you believe). Needless to say, I became a believer.

It came out of the tube light green which, was weird but I figured that at least I wouldn’t have a white cast if it was green. The texture is amazing. It is not too thick like most sunscreens (I’m looking at you Neutrogena). It is a little watery (like the least amount of wateryness every) but it doesn’t run and rubs in easily. It’s also super moisturizing (although I do wear moisturizer underneath, I have perpetual dry skin) and incredibly gentle on my sensitive skin. Even better? There’s no white cast, no green cast, and it doesn’t even feel like I have sunscreen on. There’s basically no odor either. If anything it smells like being clean. If you’ve struggled with finding the right sunscreen for you, or you just don’t like the feel of sunscreen, then I recommend that you try Mizon’s Ultra Wonder Power Jelly Sun.

Although this post contains affiliate links, all items were purchased by myself. 


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